FlameRobin 0.8.3

This is mostly a bug-fix release with some important improvements in efficiency (faster work over slow links, faster processing of long SQL statements and more responsive data grid when used with large datasets). Here are the details:.

New features
- Even more detailed query execution statistics showing number of inserted, updated and deleted records for each table
- Fully customizable icon theme (you can create you own icon theme for FlameRobin without recompiling anything)

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- Optimizations for work over slow networks
- Configurable default action for tree items now also allow to SELECT FROM table, view or procedure
- Select and Execute for procedures merged into a single action depending on procedure type
- Better handling of exceptions, FlameRobin should not 'just crash' on Linux anymore
- Added Extract DDL for entire database to Advanced menu - opens directly in SQL editor
- SQL Editor: Minor cleanup of menus (both context and main menu)
- SQL Editor: Fixed enabling of Delete and Insert icons
- SQL Editor: Logging can now optionally be disabled for the current editor window
- SQL Editor: Upper or lower case keywords are now a customizable option
- SQL Editor: Database path in status bar is no longer overwritten
- SQL Editor: Faster and more correct parsing of large statements
- SQL Editor: Fixed problem with query plan not being shown for DML statements
- ALTER PROCEDURE now keeps objects' descriptions
- Tree view: System table columns behave like regular table columns
- Tree view: Only show first line for multiline text (computed columns and such)
- Tree view: Show special icon for foreign keys
- Fixes in generator of selectable stored procedures
- Aliases added to generated SELECT queries (makes easier editing afterwards)
- DataGrid: Fixed problems with speed when large dataset it loaded
- DataGrid: handles Shift+Space to select rows, Ctrl+Space to select columns
- DataGrid: deleted rows are not removed, but colored differently until user commits
- DataGrid: date and timestamp columns support "NOW", "DATE", "TODAY", "TOMORROW", "YESTERDAY"
- DataGrid: time columns support "NOW" and "TIME"
- DataGrid: parsing of milliseconds fixed
- DataGrid: all the edits can optionally be logged (as if they were statements typed into editor)
- DataGrid: date, time and timestamp entry now respects user's formatting
- Increased the default size of main FlameRobin window
- Option to remember window positions and sizes in now ON by default
- Find dialog is left as-is on subsequent searches
- Backup file extensions now default to .fbk and .gbk
- Backup and restore fixes regarding password entry
- Warning message when logging fails
- Nicer password dialog
- Fixed problem that a random number was shown when index statistics is NULL
- Fixed a dialog-loop bug that would pop up a lot of message boxes under some conditions
- Fixed crashes when working with objects with long names on Gtk

Download at : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=124340&package_id=136187&release_id=562827
For known issues please see our bug tracker at: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=124340&atid=699234










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