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Welcome to DokuWiki at

These pages are dedicated to development of FlameRobin. You can find useful info about program architecture, our experiences while developing, ideas for future features, etc.

If you are considering to join the project, you should read in this order:

FlameRobin Manual

Coding conventions we use in FlameRobin

Using wxString and std::string

Making FlameRobin more native on different platforms

Want to do some minor task to warm up? Here's the list

How to access FlameRobin Git tree

Howto Build FlameRobin on Ubuntu or Debian from Git master

Tools we use in development

Using wxStyledTextControl (tips and tricks)

Observer Pattern (architecture overview)

Images, logos, screenshots, etc.

Collecting ideas about various aspects of FlameRobin

Reasons to have column and parameter information on main Tree

Flamerobin future

To learn more about FlameRobin history and project philosophy, you can read the whitepaper presented at 3rd Firebird Conference.

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